Divorce Lawyer

divorce lawyerMichael J. Stein, Attorney at Law specializes in providing you with the best divorce lawyer in South Jersey. If you are facing the unfortunate and difficult decision of divorce or marital separation, you are going to need a professional and compassionate divorce lawyer who will listen to your needs and address your  situation with care, concern, and a true understanding of what you may be going through.

Michael J. Stein, a highly-knowledgeable divorce lawyer in South Jersey, wholeheartedly believes in treating all clients who come through our door or call us on the phone with dignity and respect while working to resolve difficult family law issues or matters involving a divorce. Michael J. Stein cares deeply about clients and their unfortunate situations. Michael J. Stein, Attorney at Law has an expertise in handling both contested and uncontested divorce cases throughout the entire South Jersey area.

In addition to being a divorce lawyer in South Jersey, Michael J. Stein offers services for domestic violence cases, child custody cases, and child support cases in the area. We understand that these are very trying times for you, but we are here to help and listen to your questions and concerns.

For more information about Michael J. Stein, a divorce lawyer in South Jersey, please call us at your earliest convenience at the listed number above to schedule a free consultation. We will be glad to talk with you in greater detail about our services. We truly care about you and want to provide you with the best divorce lawyer in the area.

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